Engineering vs Development

When I was offered a job around a year back in Engineering, I was told that the work, life would be totally different given that I came from a product development team..I acknowledged the difference, the keyword being acknowledge, but at that time, I really didn't see a "BIG" difference....after all, no matter what you do in a software company, ultimately you are going to deal with bytes. So, I took up that job (in Domain Engineering, more into developing Enterprise resuable software, guiding teams etc) and was very happy with what I did. My days seemed relaxed, productive and had a rhythm to them. I was working hard, but wasn't getting worked up...then came this call for help ~~~~

A Enterprise Infrastructure team undergoing a tough rigmarole, bleeding people profusely sought somebody with my expertise...I thought, thought and thought as I was working for a great team (good upper mgmt always helps!!) and also liked what I was working on. Finally, I gave in to the Einsteinian principle "In adversity, lies opportunity" and took the plunge...Life has been so different eversince.

So many differences!! Focus on delivery rather than technology, focus on practices than technology, focus on people than technology, focus on relationship management than technology, focus on standards than technology, focus on team building than technology and not to miss, the PAGER :P...all this all the bit more because I am in a Enterprise Infrastructure team and have to deal with a lot of other teams and we are in the midst of a mammoth migration effort, migration but more like re-development as there is almost nothing common between the past and present platforms! Life has been so different, very challenging...rhythm gone and sleep has divorced me...have enjoyed a few blissful moments that seem to compensate for the pensive ones and I hope there will be many more post-app migration. I am still hanging in there with all my might and I thank life for all the things it's teaching me :)

So, when you are offered a job in Engineering and people tell you it is different, think about it seriously. I am not choosing one over the other, just saying that they are vastly DIFFERENT!!