Had to say my 2 cents on the most beaten down topic on the internet, atleast by now! Every blog has it, so should mine be different? Well, since I am writing this, you know my decision!

So, is this hostile Yahoo! takeover move by Microsoft Good, Bad or Ugly? Not Ugly for sure given that Yahoo with all the eyeballs cannot make money and Microsoft with all the money cannot get eyeballs! No matter what they do, no matter how much they try in their own respective ways! So, Microsoft comes up with this ingenious idea of acquiring Yahoo...if you can't create, conquer and that's what they are doing and have always did although this one time it all makes sense to me :)...a creative Yahoo with all the money and management power from Microsoft might actually really challenge Google (given that a Microsoftish Yahoo still has it's own heart and legs)...Creativity doesn't bloom under pressure which Yahoo has been under lately. Yahoo and Microsoft might just bring in the best of their worlds and become a formidable competitor to Google! Weird, Google is considered a monster these days. Microsoft must really be happy and jealous about it ...

If things don't work out great, it will just be another game of PacMan/GobMan (so many versions available) where PacMan gobbles one of those special pills on the board and reverses direction, chasing the chasers, but just for a little while till the chasers regain composure..Yahoo can be that special pill that only works for a little while for Microsoft...Time will telll !!!


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