It's been a while

Can't believe it's been months since I blogged! I was in good rhythm during the early part of this year and things faded eventually...No matter how I chase time, I can never catch enough of it...any strategies on how I can do better? I guess better scheduling and gallons of Starbucks would be one answer !!

During my prolonged disappearance, I had some pleasant encounters with OpenSource...have been involved with extending it and contributing to the community (more specifically ServiceMix and JMeter) and have been active trying to manage my finances (after I tried that, I have a lot more work to do!! Agile, anybody?)...have been lauding TDD, Eclipse with its endless set of features and my wife in her endless endeavors on finding the right job.

This post is to "poke" myself (*facebook*) so that I can realize that there is life beyond the 4 imaginary walls or that these imaginary walls are just that, pure imagination!! Being imaginative is not that good always :P..Anyways, have to get back to my walls now!

My wife suddenly says it would be good to write a book...now I think, "Yeah, wouldn't it?"...how about one on Servicemix? Hope I can bring that beyond my imaginations! One day I shall, I must and I will write a book!

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