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Yahoo ends my sabbatical! Was busy with some personal issues the last couple of months coupled with an extended vacation mindset and habituated prolonged silence and the results were quite obvious. Well, there were none :)..till today...
Yahoo came up with "Pipes" today! Pipes is all about aggregating content feeds from different sources, re-mixing them to create new mashups and feeds for the same...Almost like a disc jockey! And all this using a visually appealing environment..

Was this all unthinkable? Well, no...was it unique..YES..Is it useful? YES YES. Did Yahoo gain brownie points over Google? YES YES YES!! Well, I can't remember when Yahoo came one up on Google, so this day should really be special to them..especially after the Garlinghouse thingie.

Coming back to Pipes, it is an innovative idea coming into existence at the right time. People are suffering from an information overload now. Feeds/Apps built on Pipes might just be the answer to clarity. I open up my Google Reader with nervous fingers every day fearing blog inundation. Pipes a few years back might just have been "an" idea, but now it is just a new dimension to how we organize our information. Goes to show how timing is so very important in this world!

I have been thirsting to get my fingers/hands on those pipes, but I get a message from Yahoo that says "their pipes are blocked". Don't know if they are proud or unhappy for the clogging today :)...Wish them all the best!!!!


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