Google advertising on Yahoo?

Well, not exactly, but what I saw drew in a few chuckles :))

Was just going through my Yahoo mail and noticed this BIG banner ad from Buy.com encouraging the use of Google Checkout for a 20 dollar discount! Interestingly, Google had more space on the ad than Buy.com and it almost looked like a Google ad :P. Google with it's deep pockets (almost endless now) is encouraging people to use it's Checkout product and is pitching it as a competitor to Paypal (Paypal is owned by eBay and 80% of it's transactions come from eBay). To really compete with Paypal, Google would probably have to work on their turf which I am sure eBay will try to avoid as much as possible. But, if Google Checkout becomes so madly prevalent that it becomes the de-facto standard of payment on internet, every merchant would have to provide it as a payment option. So, get ready to see Visa, Mastercard, PayPal & GoogleCheckout under card options in the future..With the rate at which GC is being adopted, we are not very far from that day.
For now, take a look at this ad and chuckle :)


At 9:22 AM, Blogger Giri said...

check out some gyan on Google checkout's performance
here and here


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