Ask Google.com or Google Ask.com

Remember AskJeeves.com, our good search engine from yesteryears that we had all abandoned when Google entered the search engine fray? Remember all those queries that you had entered and the results page with almost nothing relevant in the first page?

Well, Interactive Corp (IAC) acquired it sometime last year and it has been on a constant innovation drive. What it now has is infact amazing! Has it carried nothing from AskJeeves???...nah, it still has the red color and the butler elegance. Jeeves, the butler is no longer visible, but the whole website smells of his elegance. Infact, it is so good and so relevant that I think it might/will provide some very stiff competition to our revolutionary Google. For me, it hasn't replaced Google yet, but it has become my alternative search engine. Old habits die hard. I don't if my google habit will ever die. Ask.com is a search engine with character, an ample display of which is seen right on the first page.

Ask.com : Google.com :: A-4 bond paper : Normal paper.
Basic look and feel comparison is as simple as that. Differences just start here..On the first page, Ask.com displays a list of things that you could do with search and it even allows you to edit, re-order the list and all this very, very elegantly. Search results are comparable and sometimes better than Google.com. I actually found something on Ask.com that I couldn't on Google!! I really cannot state that more solidly because my comparisons are really not that thorough. There are a few nice things Ask does with the results. It "categorizes" them and places the categories to the right side of the page. Picking a category carries your search forward, but makes it more focussed. An obvious advantage is that you wouldn't have to spend tons and tons of time gleaning through the results if you can follow categories!! Apart from categorizing, Ask.com gives you page previews by just pointing your mouse to the links displayed in the results. Very neat and very useful!! I would never have to open a junk website again! Try it, you will definitely like it..Add just 3 ads to a page and it looks even more compelling!!

Ask.com also has a mobile search engine@ m.ask.com and it is equally rich and elegant and the focus is again on saving time for the customer with an elegant and easy search interface. Unlike other mobile search engine products, ask.com has all it's offerings in one place and takes the user to each offering by the click of a number! Navigation has been made easy and the whole thing is a pleasure to use..

Ask.com has also resorted to some very clever advertising campaigns and can be seen almost all over the web, has made interesting tie-ups and is just surging forward. I particularly liked the way it retorted back to the Google campaign where Google opposed that the use of "google" as a verb would actually dilute it's brand equity!! Ask.com wanted people to ask ask, ask google, but not Ask google ;)
Ask.com campaign

Anyways, enough about me bragging on Ask's, try it out for yourself and you will be singing the same tune. Competition is always good. It ignites creativity!!


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