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Amsterdam-based Fleck, which is scheduled to launch today, is another new web annotation tool. I found this tool and the concept very interesting, useful and very powerful. We use annotations to generate configuration files and helper classes in our applications here, but using annotations to collaborate like this is truly innovative. Collaborating on the web makes it extremely useful.
I can already think about a few uses with my limited vision..I am sure it's uses are not limited to this...I would use this for

1) Writing notes and comments to webpages, articles I read similar to what I do with the articles that I print.
2) I could exchange this article and my comments with my peers and get some feedback on it. Having your comments and feedback right next to the line that you are talking about makes it very very convenient.
3) Elicit customer/marketing feedback on web GUIs with their comments right next to text/control they are talking about. Think about it...how many times when we had to comment, haven't we said "that grey button on the left of the textarea next to the text that says blah blah blah", to exactly tell a designer/developer what we are talking about. With this tool, you can put in a note exactly where you would want to and not bother about mentioning any other details!
4) Customers leaving trails on your blogs

Fleck doesn’t necessarily require you to install a browser extension to start adding annotations to web pages - you can start adding notes by entering a URL on the site itself, or just drag and drop a bookmarklet into your browser. Once you start Flecking, you can add notes and bullet points to a page, save it to Fleck, blog it or share it via email. You don’t even need to create an account. Fleck almost seems to have saved them right into your browser :).

Take a look at this..You will know what I am talking about.

My Google Flecked Page

For more information on Fleck, check out Fleck.com. I believe they are going to make a formal product launch today.


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