Video popularity

People are unleashing their creative potential...Videos seem to be the order of the day..I have personally seen a dramatic rise in adoption over the last few months, but today has been special...

I saw two videos over the web, from my inner circle! I have always had the impression that my friends (including me) were a bunch of "keep to your circle" set of people, but not after today. One video was a parody on "12 Angry Men" by my cousin and his friends and the other was a casual, cool home video shot by a close friend of mine. All this was after I read about how the Pepsi-Mentos commericial drew in 10 million visitors on the internet.

Video content is really catching on..Some are making videos..others like me are passively consuming them (Braze yourself!, maybe I will have a few of my own soon! ) :)..No wonder why companies like Google are pumping so much money into videos... User-generated content is big now and is a very big factor in the increased average time spent by a user on the internet. It is like the next generation TV. TiVo even announced a new service feature that allows home movies to be sent over the internet directly to television sets!

Btw, a small digression..couldn't hold myself from saying this. Alex Tew, the creator of the Million dollar homepage is going in for one more million now! Instead of selling each pixel for a dollar as he did earlier, he is going to sell the pixels for 2 dollars each and is giving away million dollars to a lucky user...Me thinks there are enough greedy people to make Alex richer by a million :)


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