Disappearing boundaries

Microsoft -- > Windows, Office
Google --> Search engine
Yahoo --> Useful portal with weather, maps etc
Apple --> Mac, iPod
Sony --> Cameras, Playstations
Walmart --> biggest grocery, household utility store
Amazon --> online store

This is what these companies are into, right? Not exactly!

There has been a flurry of activity going on in high tech companies, especially w.r.t online businesses...Companies are poaching into each others businesses and lines are thinning down or are almost non-existent in a few cases..

Microsoft is trying to get into Google's Adword business, Yahoo has already done this ... Google is getting into Microsoft's office space by bringing in its own web-based office suite with Writely, Google Spreadsheets, Google Calendar etc..Apple is getting into media distribution, so is Walmart :)..
Microsoft is trying to capture the iPod market with it's zune player..
Yahoo, Google, Microsoft are entering into WebServices business like Amazon. Amazon has been trying to get into the search space with A9 (although it is built over Google)..so is Microsoft with it's Live engine..Sony is trying to get the into online video market with its latest acquisition "Grouper"...

Google signs up with Dell to make its search engine the default on all Dell
computers, Yahoo does a similar deal with HP...there was heavy talk about Google becoming an ISP..no one knows where that one is heading!

Boundaries seem to be blurring for all these big companies, but they surely are making this world a lot more exciting! Question on everybody's minds..."What's next?"


At 9:34 PM, Anonymous Matthew said...

Very true. Add Google Checkout to the equation, competing with eBay/Paypal


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