Go Mavs!! You are kicking some ass now! Dallas is surely proud of you :)

Dirk, Nash, Finley, Walker were all a part of Mavs not long ago. All of them, champions in their own right! The way they are playing now gives one a feeling that they would make an invincible combination if they were all in one team. But well, that is surely not true as history is evidence for this fact! They worked well, but were never invincible. Nash is creating history with Phoenix, Dirk with Dallas. Finley and Walker are playing excellently for Spurs and Heat respectively and all these guys apart from Finley are a part of the conference finals (Finley came very close too :)). Dallas never reached the finals with all of them together!
If you look at the current Dallas team, except for Dirk and Van Excel, there is hardly any other known face (this is IMHO)!, but success speaks for itself. Everybody surely knows them now...One fact stared at me when I saw this transformation of a not so excellent team to an extraordinary one!

INDIVIDUAL BRILLIANCE DOESN't win tournaments. It can surely win quite a few games, but never the whole tournament. Same holds true for a war or our own project teams. We might have a bunch of 'excellent individuals' in a team, but that team need not be the most successful one. In fact, in most of the cases it is not. A team is successful when there is teamwork, when the teamplayers are not selfish and when there is good camaraderie, and this is despite the fact that most/all of the team members might be just ordinary...Normal individuals become brilliant in a good team too ...

Teamwork makes normal individuals blossom into stars and makes a team work :). So, why not strive for the team rather than for ourselves!


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